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Text Post Sun, Apr. 22, 2012 14 notes

Whelp, here’s the big project I was working on.

I’m putting this as a text post because I have a lot to say on this topic, so I’m going to put a cut somewhere.

From top left, going across: Tamaki Suoh (Ouran High School Host Club), John Watson and Sherlock Holmes (BBC Sherlock), Naruto (Naruto), 11th Doctor (Doctor Who), C.C. (Code Geass), Edward Elric (Fullmetal Alchemist), and Kobato (Kobato).

Middle person: That’s probably young Norma. I couldn’t really decide, though, so I left it kind of ambiguous. (i.e. she can’t draw Norma.)

And of course, Once-ler’s in there somewhere… All three of him.

I’m too lazy to say the rest. I’ll just say that the two boys in the starry panels are Sam and Dean (Supernatural) as little kids. 

1. Oh god… I’m going to have to tag this, aren’t I? (Even though tagging things annoys the hell outta me. I’m incredibly lazy.)

2. This is for a project-type thing I had to do for school. Which is why I made Sollux and Aradia more human so that I don’t get questions from my teacher as to why I have “grey-skinned candy corn people” on this.

3. My scanner sucks.

4. The point of this project is to use poem lines or song lyrics (lyrics, in my case) that mean something to you and either write an essay or draw a picture about it. I think the obvious thing is: Who wants to write an essay, when you could colour? 

5. I picked this song because the only other ones I could think of at the time were really depressing, and I could only think of over a bajillion things to do with this song.

6. I’m really tired of this fandom-hating crap.

After getting out of the hospital, the one thing I was looking forward to was, truthfully, coming to tumblr and seeing everyone all happy and such.

Instead I came back to people hating on the Once-ler fandom. People telling me the Sherlock show sucks and is a ripoff. People saying that Homestuck is garbage, and the people in the fandom are “a bunch of homos,” as this person put it. Just to name a few examples. I won’t even go into how much hate stuff I was seeing about Kingdom Hearts. Which probably annoyed me the most because it’s like my childhood.

Normally, I tend to look past this kind of stuff. But now, all I can say is I’m disgusted. 

So this is my tribute to those who want to look past all the differences each fandom, each person, each human being (or troll, angel, alchemist, time lord, etc. etc.), has to offer. I may not enjoy everything that comes my way, but I will certainly try to treat it the same I would want something I love and cherish to be treated. 

The only regret I have about this picture is the fact that I couldn’t fit every fandom in existence on to one 8x11 sheet of sketchbook paper.

…Gosh, I’m gonna go back to being in a small corner now where no one comes to visit ;u;

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